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It’s time to Know more about Sharma Perforation

First thing you should know about us.

Since the year 2002, it’s been about the latest, best equipment, and the finest, most experienced, most exacting craftsmen. It’s been about building our business through superior service and through the loyalty of our customers. About being the very, very best at what we do.

What began as a small machine shop that mass-produced perforated metal sheets for distributors has evolved into a 8,000 square feet full-service, custom fabrication facility. We’ve combined the craft of perforating metal with modern machineries and advanced techniques to offer our customers a complete fabricating and finishing solution.

Top Reasons to Work with SHARMA PERFORATION

Why Companies Choose SHARMA PERFORATION. 

We understand the needs of manufacturers and metal fabricators. We know that your goal is to bring the best possible product to market, on-time, and at the lowest possible price.  We meet these needs through close collaboration of engineering and logistics, an array of services, and responsive support from initial quote through final delivery.

We listen.

We collaborate with OEMs & fabricators to design better solutions. With engineers to address functional requirements and aesthetic aspirations, while guaranteeing to transform your design into reality.

We do it all.

We perforate almost any metal, in an extremely wide range of thicknesses, with an array of hole sizes, shapes and patterns. We also perforate non-metallic materials such as plastic. We can even work with materials you supply – as long as they stand up to the perforating process in a test run.

 We form it.

There’s no need to go to a separate fabrication shop or to hire your own metal workers. With our extensive forming, welding, cutting and other fabrication capabilities, we’re your one-stop-shop for completed solutions.

We finish it.

Save time, money and trouble by having us take care of the final finishing. We offer superior painting, powder coating, anodizing and other finishing services to complete your project.

We meet your needs.

Your business doesn’t operate on a one-size-fit-all philosophy and neither do we. Sharma Perforation provides hands-on project management and a custom mentality to respond to your most demanding requirements.

We meet your deadlines.

We’re known for our ability to do the seemingly impossible, on time and on budget. You can count on getting exactly what you ordered – the first time, every time. We not only meet but beat deadlines.

We provide service for success.

From fast turnaround on project quotes, to the shortest lead times, to the most flexible options for fabricating, finishing and delivering your project, no one can beat our commitment to personalized service.

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Those are the most popular reasons why companies decide to work with us.   There are as many good reasons to choose SHARMA PERFORATION as there are applications for perforated metal.

How we started our journey

As a company, we’ve nearly doubled in sales over the last 10 years as the use of perforated metals continues to expand in markets like STEEL PLANTS, PELLET PLANTS, STONE CRUSHERS, COAL WASHERIES, COKE PLANT, RICE MILLS, PAPER MILLS, CEMENT PLANTS, CHEMICALS & PETRO-CHEMICAL, POWER PLANTS, RAILWAYS, ARCHITECTURE, HVAC and more.

We dream a big dream

What hasn’t changed over the years is our attention to detail. Sure, we still produce sheets of perforated metal, but we also help our customers create custom perforated metal solutions for all kinds of projects in all kinds of industries. And we’re still determined to deliver every job exactly the way it was ordered, with the quality our customers have come to expect.

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Call us at +91 9874 888787 to discuss your needs!